Sunday, June 9, 2013

Girls, Goddesses & Biblical Feminism over at PJLifestyle

A Biblical Feminist Confronts the Girls Goddesses, Part 1 is up at PJLifestyle ...enjoy.

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  1. I enjoyed this thought-provoking article. Have you considered feminism from the perspective of it being a gender subset of what Christopher Lasch wrote about in his book "The Culture of Narcissism"?

    Given your intellectual inclination, you might also enjoy McGill University academics Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young's "Misandry" series of books pertaining to feminism, especially "Sanctifying Misandry," as it deals with feminism and goddess. I believe they are theology scholars., should you have any interest in sharing thoughts. I'm planning to consider your concept of biblical feminism in my next book, although I see it as the antithesis of (gender narcissistic) mainstream feminism.