Monday, June 11, 2012

"Why isn't everybody mediocre like me?!"

I hate whiney liberals.

Scratch that - I hate whiney people, period.

And Yahoo! TV's Claudine Zap is currently at the top of the list.  In one of the latest click-topping hits on the Yahoo news bar, Zap covers/comments on the fact that conservative pundit Glenn Beck apparently just struck a deal doubling his radio show salary.  Apparently, this news isn't comforting to Zap who finds Beck's raise ironic, "...especially considering that the conservative pundit isn’t even No. 1 in his morning timeslot."  Apparently, he's only THIRD. 

Pardon me while I scoff at the idea that the Bronze medalist in talk radio might qualify for a raise, even if it is less than the deal Gold medalist Rush Limbaugh inked four years prior.

And if you still don't get the injustice behind Beck's deal (oh, which, by the way, includes his digital businesses and related advertising - something the old deal didn't, but, whatever) think of it this way: "Most Americans, however, are not getting a Beck-sized salary bump. A survey by Adecco showed only a third of Americans received a raise last year."

That's right: Not everyone in America got a raise.  But, Beck did.

(In a related sidenote, I wonder if Ms. Zap knows that not everyone in America got to leave work early to play golf this year.  But, Barack Obama did.)

Zap goes on to compare Beck's 100% raise to the Ford Motor Company's average raise of 2.7% of an employee's base salary, neglecting to mention certain facts like:

a. The Ford Motor Company has to abide by a Union contract with that "average worker" that grants them overtime pay for work done outside of their contractual shift.  Said contract also provides payment for health benefits, paid time off, and other perks like signing bonuses and profit sharing checks.  (Those who are self-employed, like Beck, have no such guarantees with any deal they sign, choosing instead to pay for their own benefits, time off, and retirement investments themselves - a pay structure so commonplace in the entertainment industry that you'd think Ms. Zap would have easily taken that into account.)

b.  The "average worker" at The Ford Motor Company doesn't need to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to maintain a security detail for themselves and their family because they constantly receive death threats for voicing their opinions publicly.

To give her critical knife a twist, Zap concludes her scintillating coverage by observing that Beck knows how to "hustle his brand" and "use his [radio] show to shill for his other products," like his books and website which, "the Wall Street Journal estimates revenue from those side businesses will bring in $40 million this year."

Speaking of media personalities who use one public platform to advertise their other products, Ms. Zap also covers the Kardashians on her Yahoo!TV blog.  She neglects, however, to mention exactly how much money they throw around per episode.  Some people can just get away with everything in this world, I guess.

Some people, like average online "news" bloggers, who unwittingly praise celebrity waste on one hand while criticizing conservative successes on the other.  What's more, they turn these celebrity wasteoids into demigods to be worshipped while condemning conservative stars (celebrities in their own right) for achieving financial success by using "logic" best exemplified by arguments seen on reality TV.  "Beck's getting more money than an auto worker!!"  Seriously?  Who are you going to compare Kim Kardashian to, then?  A maid at the Plaza Hotel?

Leftists travel in packs of double standards which is why they come off like those annoying kids in school who spent their time sucking up to the cool clique while feeling free to tell the nerds what to do.  In the end, they're just a bunch of whiners, always looking towards others to define what they themselves lack and, in turn, criticizing the successful folks for managing to do just fine on their own.

Beck got a raise because Beck, regardless of his political opinions, is good at business - a quality that Zap, as a media writer with nothing much but Yahoo behind her name, probably lacks but desperately needs.  But, the cool kids on the block don't like Beck, so Zap's going to admire Kim Kardashian instead.  Gee, I wonder what Zap and her readers can learn from a girl like Kim.

I'm not quite sure, but I hope Zap has a good collection of butt firming sneakers at home.

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